Linked Gateways / Reflectors
Module Linked to
A unlinked
B REF020 A
C unlinked
D unlinked
E unlinked

Remote Users
Callsign User Message Last TX on
K4NJI listening
DV Dongle

Last Heard
Callsign User Message Last TX on Time
K2ATF Charlie IC-7100 B 2017/08/17 00:15:18
K2TV BOB K2TV B 2017/08/16 17:53:03
W2HCB B 2017/08/16 17:08:05
K4EQE B 2017/08/16 16:04:44
WB2QGZ B 2017/08/16 13:03:42
W2PW Tell XYL: HTs=shoes! B 2017/08/16 11:06:24

Status as of 2017/08/17 03:36:15